Video Editing

I started my journey of Video Editing in 2017. Initially, I worked on making Music Videos and Social Media Videos alongside a few internships. I worked at a startup after which I was confident in working full-time at Ipix Movies. I have also been working as a part-time freelancer throughout my journey. I’ve been blessed with so many diverse brands on really exciting projects. I’m really proud of everything that I have contributed, especially the value I’ve provided to achieve our goals and complete the project with the vision we had in mind.

Ipix Movies

At IPIX, I was working as a part of the POST PRODUCTION TEAM, led by Shubh Mukherjee and was a part of several projects. I got an opportunity to edit a full episode for a TV show during my work period and edited the Pre Master Semi Final Cut.

Freelance Gigs

Ever since I’ve started working as a Video Creator, I’ve had ton of opportunities to create and work on variety of projects. Most of them stand out, making me really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with the limited resources I had. I’m happy with the end results and am only looking forward to improve my skills.